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Sky Scout

Hello, great LEGO team and great community!🤩

What is the idea?🤔

The idea for me was to create a futuristic sky/spaceship, so this spaceship looks spectacular, and the LEGO world could use it for any space mission. 😉

I selected two main colors like red and black - these are cool colors.

Also, I added a face for this ship, so it looks more like a live machine. The face itself is not very friendly, but its purpose is to have space enemies scared 😎.

The core things in this Sky Scout are ‘mechanisms’ (you can find these in the photos attached): 
  1. To sit down your LEGO minifigure you need to make 5 actions/steps 😱 - unlock the main cabin, lift the main cabin, lift the back engine, lift the front trunk lids, lift the front panel with front glass.
  2. You can set up or remove a special front laser blaster from the front trunk.
  3. You can open the back trunk lid and use the back trunk to store transport special things.
  4. The additional cool feature - you have your personal robot explorer attached to your spaceship, so he can be easily detached any time and land on the unknown planet with the special power cord with a ‘crane’ like mechanism. Hey!, this robot has small lasers to defend himself, and what is more important, his legs can be used to grab something and put it in the back trunk!

I only have LEGO bricks from simple LEGO sets I have in the children room like fire/police vehicles, creators series, or robots, so I can say that my Sky Scout, for now, is a pilot product but if significant support votes are reached then I will enrich it with all proper bricks or re-create this set in Studio 2.0.

Why it could become an official LEGO set? 🏆
When you build this set, you will feel how epic it is! People love mechanisms and spaceships 🤫🙂

Interesting facts:
  • It took 7 days (2 hours per night) to create this set from scratch. 🛠
  • The hardest part of the creation was to re-validate each time that I really have all necessary details for the ‘mirrored’ parts of the set (like trunk lids or cabin left/right sides etc.) because in my disposition I had only several standard LEGO sets. 🧐
  • I work in the IT domain, and applied the Agile/Scrum approach for the creation of this set. I created a checklist of all components I needed (chassis, trunk, cabin, cannon, robot, etc.) and was going through them one by one each day and was doing Inspect and Adapt concept each day. I was doing one component during the night and on the next day with fresh head was checking this new component, and was updating accordingly. My questions/checks were like: does it look attractive (cool)? Is it easy to operate? Is it okay or something is missing? Is it playable? So it was like continuous improvements and increments during this set creation. 👷‍♂️
  • The ship’s weight is 578g; length is 30 cm; width is 15 cm. 😱🤗

Thanks. Community support can deliver this set to the shelves! 🥳🥳🥳

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