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2 in 1 Semi-Truck (EU & US)

This is my first ever submission to LEGO Ideas!
For this submission I've built two LEGO semi-trucks, one with the typical European shape,
and the other with the typical American shape. These models have the exact same piece count,
but their dimensions are slightly different, where the American truck reaches longer whereas European
manages to compact it up and be a tiny bit taller and wider.
Colors can be changed, but the color I chose is dark green, paired with the dark bluish gray base.
The insides of the trucks contain a basic seat, basic wheel and an antenna meant to serve as a gear shifter.
There are holes at the back of the trucks that are used for connecting the semi-truck with a trailer.
Both of the models are around 8 blocks wide, with exceptions to mirrors and side lights.

Piece count: 309

The design was built in Bricklink Studio 2.0

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