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Blue Tea Set With Tray

A kyusu, used for brewing green tea, is a traditional Japanese teapot.

I extend to you a cup full of tranquility in the form of this Blue Tea Set With Tray.

Tea is enjoyed around the globe as the second most consumed beverage after water. I personally consume tea almost daily, and while holding a cup of green tea this project came to mind.

Heavily inspired by Japanese culture, this set measures 12.6 (width) x 17.9 (length) x 8.7 (height) inches. Crafted and designed to be a build that promotes harmony in every room. The Blue Tea Set With Tray is made up of 574 parts. It comes with 1 Tray, 1 Teapot (with removable lid), 6 Cups, 6 Tea Servings and 1 Tea Whisk.


A few points accentuating this centuries old practice.

  • Matcha Whisks are generally made from bamboo. This one features stacked Prickly Bush parts.
  • The Tea Tray, also known as a Tea Boat is a shallow vessel used for placing teapots, cups and ceremony ware. The design features slats where excess drippings would fall through and later be poured out.
  • Look inside your cup and find a humble sip of brewed green tea, but be careful not to swallow the loose leaves.
  • Mind the temperature and admire the unique vapors of your steep. A Trans-Bright Green Wave part completes the picture.


This set is modest in its appearance but would fit in any home.

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Brickdusa - Sierra Lee - Canada

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