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Christmas Candy Factory

This is a candy factory with a christmas theme, perfect for a small winter display ! It features a cookie oven, a licorice sandwich candy production line, two smoking cheminy and a beautiful christmas tree with crates of cookies and candies ready to be shipped. Moreover, it has some motion features (more details down there).

I've always been a fan of the promotional winter sets 40138 and 40139 released in 2015. I love that they have a common candy theme, and they became a regular part of my christmas decorations.

I have created the Chritmas Candy Factory with the same theme and the same scale, in order to turn this wonderful duo into a trio !

You can find in the factory several details reminiscing the two collectable sets :
  • candy cane structures and decor;
  • gumdrop toppings on top of the oven;
  • 4-colored candy windows;
  • minty shutters;
  • colored candies on the roofs;
  • a little strawberry sign;
  • lots of cookies and licorice sandwiches !!!

Finally, the building is completed with a mecanism that allows 3 motions when turning the crank :
  • The cookie oven periodically let its cookies in and out;
  • The production line displays 4 licorice colors (green, pink, orange and white) by turning;
  • The big gear on the roof also turns.

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