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Halloween Jack O Lantern Jr

This is a Halloween Jack O Lantern made from LEGO with an internal light. I wanted to make something out of LEGO as opposed to "wasting" a whole pumpkin carving and just being for a 'single' use. I also wanted something that was a little more 'organic' looking, rather than the usual 'geometrically' perfect models I've seen elsewhere online.

Potentially this could be used in the Hidden Side line. It could be like a 1980s Gremlin that during the day through the app, it is a "good" pumpkin. However, come night time, it could turn into a "bad guy". It may be possibly to have different coloured lights / settings for different personalities / effects in the app - similar to how coloured bricks are used. There could also be 'easter eggs' for "full moons", "blue moons", "Halloween" etc. 

Here is a timelapse build so you can get a sense of how it all comes together and it "glowing" in the dark 

I've also created PDF instructions and made the digital LDR file available on my website should anyone want to build / take a closer look:

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