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Delicate Arch Utah


The beautiful, world known, natural arch is now introduced to Lego. The natural delicacy is a National Park with viewers coming from all over the world. As viewers take their hike towards the Arch, they obtain a rewarding feeling when it comes into view. Not only is the iconic landmark popular for hikers, children are able to enjoy the hike by attending the Junior Ranger Program hosted by the National Park Service.

With the Delicate Arch as Lego pieces, builders are able to showcase the beauty of the Delicate Arch and show everyone the story behind it and personal memories that they may have encountered. Even if builders have not visited the viewing site, this Lego creation will bring a sensational feeling similar to the feeling that comes with the largest free-standing arch in the world. Maybe this creation will inspire others to add the Delicate Arch to their bucket list.

I hope many of you will vote for this creation that I have made.

Thank you.


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