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Wormhole Dragon


The black Dragon has come to attack with his evil monkey. Ride into combat with the Wormhole dragon and stop him.

  • 3 minifigures and a monkey with assorted weapons
  • A purple and black dragon with openable mouth and posable head, legs and tail
  • Weapons include 4 black katanas, 1 black dragon sword, 1 black figur sword and an orange corseque
  • Contains 230  bricks
  • Ride into battle with a fully posable Wormhole dragon

This would be a great set for those who like dragons and dragon related lego themes. It is not too hard to build (I would know). Since I didn't give much of what I imagined what the set was about, it gives you a chance to use your own imagination. I hope you support it because the main reason I made it is because I really want it.

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