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The High School

Right now, as of the time of submitting this project, I, like many other students around the world, am not able to physically attend school due to social distancing measures. While I am able to continue through online learning, it's  ultimately just not the same. That being said, I thought: I may not be able to go to my physical school, but I can bring my physical school to me in the form of a LEGO high school. 
This is actually a resubmission of the same LEGO high school project that I submitted many moons ago. I first submitted it about 2 1/2 years ago on LEGO Ideas. I kept resubmitting it, making additional edits, until finally, two years ago, I gave up. But now, with me  reminiscing about going to school (despite my sometimes less-than-enjoyable experience there), I figured that I could resubmit it once more. 
This model has always been a labor of love for me. It is based on my actual school, which, like the model, has a red-brick facade and brown railings on the second-floor hallways. I think my sense of school spirit influenced this model quite a bit, far beyond the task of creating it.
The model itself has changed very little in structure since its second or third iteration. I wanted to keep as much of the original model as possible - I think it holds a lot of nostalgia for  me from when I first constructed the model nearly three long years ago. It has almost 2500 pieces and includes six minifigures, which, unlike the model, have changed entirely from the  previous submissions, as my school's staff and my experiences have evolved over the  past two years. I have  reduced the amount of minifigures, because I think it is just not practical to have so many, even when building such a heavily-populated model as a school. As before, there is a principal/headmaster, but since our original principal retired, I changed the minifigure as well. The other two staff members have also changed to reflect the staff members (generally teachers) that I interact with more often when we are in school. The last three minifigures are students, which, again, have changed to reflect my more recent experiences. All three are wearing backpacks, which are a little hard to see in the picture, but the two on the left are wearing black backpacks, and the one on the right has a dark bluish gray one.
On the first floor, there is the administrative office  - a very important part  of a school, despite the fact that it is often not thought of when one thinks of a school! There are also two classrooms, a science classroom with microscopes and a generic classroom with six desks. There is also a single-stall restroom with a sink, mirror, toilet, toilet paper  holder, and a paper towel dispenser. 
The second floor has three classrooms. One is a computer room. As a computer science student this was a must when I first created the model. I have kept it constant, despite the fact that I have  exhausted the CS curriculum at school and therefore no longer take CS classes! Again, a bit of nostalgia. The other two classrooms are generic rooms - nothing special.
I really hope you liked this project. If you did, please don't forget to support, comment, like, and  share it. Also, if you're interested, my other projects can be found here (scroll past my many activity submissions for the last two).

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