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Most people have, at one time in their lives, wanted to be an artist. It must be a wonderful feeling to look at the world with an eye toward color, composition, shape and movement. Or perhaps you might be the next Rothko or Noland, looking within to discover your inspiration. LEGO MasterPieces are small, flat modules, (one Lego connection each) in all the colors of the rainbow, that are arranged on a flat white sheet that is your canvas. Transparent film pieces four connectors big are available to overlap the MasterPieces to provide shading and transition between colors.
MasterPieces sets are available in color sorts by Landscape, Figure, Still Life and Abstract, or in monochrome for drawing and printmaking techniques. They are also available in themes: batik prints from Polynesia, temple art from India and Ceylon, Italian Renaissance portraits and Dutch etchings. Chose from a selection of acetate overlays (level - advanced) or pre-printed Lego sheets (beginner).
Expand the scale of your Masterpieces work by hinging sheets together at the corners. Preserve your work using the heat-shrink transparency film supplied with the kit.

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