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Space Witch's House

A space witch! I don't know. I like building space ships so I did. Then I thought I'd have a go at some architecture so I did that. Made a witch to live in it and put it on a little island.

There are three levels to the house.
The bottom floor has a little kitchen with an oven/stove and a sink.
The middle floor is a little lounge with a corner couch, coffee table and an acoustic guitar on the wall. There's a door to access the balcony too.
The attic is the bedroom. It has a bookshelf, a suit of armor, a cat bed for the witch's cat and the witch's bed up a precarious little staircase.
The levels are connected internally by ladders.

I would buy this set. I think it would be a satisfying build, great display piece and also fun to play with.
2300 parts approximately

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