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Tropical Tiki Lounge


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After your vacation in the treehouse and the A frame cabin, come and discover your next family destination!
Come relax in our tropical hut. Here you can drink delicious juices made right in front of you with fresh fruits. Not thirsty? We also have a wonderful barbecue menu for you. And while you drink and eat, don't forget to look to the stage and enjoy a mesmerizing fire show. But be aware! Mysterious Idols share this place with us.
So grab a straw and a coconut because you're the only one missing!

The whole building is made of 5 parts easily removable for easier access and building process. The complete set is made of 2990 pieces.
You'll find 8 minifigures coming with this one, 3 workers in their tropical outfit and 5 various travelers to create the family/families of your choice.
Multiple animals are chilling here too, parrots, toucan fishes and turtles.

This was an old project that was pretty popular the last time I posted it. And to be honest it was pretty rough on the way it was made ^^. So I've decided to give it a big rework and give it a new chance.

This version has a better structural integrity. The builds overall have been upgraded with more interesting shapes and bricks. I've also decided to add splashes of colors that were desperately missing on the previous one, so I went for an association that I really love: teal and warm yellow, with touches of orange. I've also went a step further on customization by adding custom deco on some pieces and minifigures, giving a lot of personality to the place.

Thanks for supporting and don't hesitate to share this project if you like it!

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