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Beachside Aquarium

This set includes a massive beachside aquarium that connects to the Beachside Shops project I made. though it also works as it's own thing.
This massive building features various exhibits spanning across two floors. The tank on the left features a kelpy seabed with crabs, a hammerhead shark, and two jellyfish (one pink and one purple). The tank on the right features a massive coral reef with an abundance of fish, coral and various sea plants, crabs, starfish, clams, and a stingray. These tanks are viable through both floors, with an info plague. The second floor features additional, smaller tanks. One has a hermit crab, another has an octopus, and the final one has a blue lobster. These are able to open up from the top. The third level has access to the two big tanks, along with storage for food.
In total, this set has 2,509 pieces and includes 8 minifigures: two aquarium workers and six civilians.

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