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Picken's Park in the Fall

Welcome to Picken's Park! Fall is my favorite time of the year as is for a lot of people. The vibrant colors of the leaves, the cooler temperatures, the pumpkin patches and Fall Festivals bring that feeling of family and warmth to me during this time of the year. I would love to see more decor sets and variety from Lego in celebration of the seasons and holidays. Since this set takes place in a park, it can be displayed any time of the year but especially works for Fall and Halloween. 

The scene is set on a 16 x 16 platform displaying the colors of Fall and has a pond in the middle with leaves floating upon the water which has fallen from the tree. The bridge is made of different stones with built-in wooden rails. I wanted some red in there somewhere, so added some in the tree and bush as well as the fallen plumage from the bush that is held by the character on the bridge. The scene depicts a woman and her son enjoying the park along with their dog. The son is pretending to be Harry Potter and is zapping the owl; which is perched on the fence, with his wand. Can't have a Fall scene without an owl! :) Of course, my favorite is the Pumpkin Man and the "Picken's Park" sign. The size of this set is nice as it will work well on a shelf, mantle, table and just about anywhere as a centerpiece.

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