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LEGO Danger Mouse


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Hi, ateempt #2 (technically 3)

Danger Mouse is a animation that stars a secret agent mouse joined by his sidekick as they go on adventures to save the world , and his friends. 

This vehicle is a model of the car used by Danger Mouse and Penfold in the rebooted  TV Series 'Danger Mouse' The Mark IV is the newer version of the Mark III - the car used in the original series- and would be a fun item to have on display or to play with for Danger Mouse fans. 

I have also built a side-build, a miniature version of HQ which can be used to display the 4 minifigures alongside the Mark IV. HQ is built up from 3 printed plates & studed plates held together by hinges.

The car can hold all 4 minifigures included, allowing for more creative play & display options. 
The car can be easily converted by snapping on & off the wings and fins. The Fin can be posed, though i'm not sure this is accurate. 

The 4 figures represent DangerMouse, a daring secret agent, Penfold;a cowardly sidekick, Professor Squakencluck; A brilliant chicken scientist & Colonel K; Head of the Danger Agents, informing agents of there next mission.

I think this would be a very good set as the Mark IV is an iconic vehicle, fans would love to build and kids would love "flying" it around there room with the iconic minifigures. 

Thanks for taking a look at this post, and I hope to reach 10,000 supporters so that The Lego Group can see how much people would love to have a DangerMouse themed set in there hands. 

Dangermouse is (c) FremantleMedia, This project is purely a fan-submission.

 Thanks again, Grapefruit Face

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