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Tundra Swan

Many people think of swans as graceful and elegant creatures. A total of seven species can be found around the world. In this model, I have made a Tundra Swan, which as its name suggests, can be found in the arctic. Although, they do migrate down south for the winter.

I have been recently interested in nature–in particular birds, for some time now. I am continuously amazed by their ability to fly, swim and walk. Swans in particular are some of the heaviest waterfowl, (can be up to 14 kg) yet are able to take to the air.

I tried to show the elegance of this swan and had particular difficulty on the head getting the curves. I had fun constructing this model.

I think that this would be a good lego model since it would be an interesting way to introduce people to nature.

Swan: About 160 pieces
Stand: About 20 pieces

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