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Rock Hyrax

A rock hyrax and its rocky habitat, completed with indigenous plants. This is the first time I have tried to build an organic build and I think it turned out great !

How I Built It:

I started off with the internal structure and strengthened it with Technic lift arms and bricks. From there on I built the model in modules, adding them to the main structure as I completed them. I made use of different slope pieces to add texture to the fur. The eyes were made a bit bigger to make it look cuter. I have had to come up with some interesting workarounds and techniques, especially for the paws.

Why I Built It:

The rock hyrax is the most well-known species of hyrax in South Africa and the world. This is mainly because of the locations of the most popular tourist spots in my country. It's also a very unique animal seeing that they share DNA with elephants !

I think this model would make a great display piece because it's something unique and it's not too big. If you would like to have this furry creature sitting on your desk, consider clicking the support button !

More Info:

Length: 25,5 cm
  Width: 19 cm
 Height: 14,5 cm

Pieces: 1 335

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