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Lombard Log Hauler

Lombard Log Hauler
The steam-powered Lombard log hauler was the first commercially successful vehicle to use treads on a continuous track for propulsion, a feature which has become ubiquitous on modern snow vehicles and other heavy machinery. Designed by Alvin Lombard at the dawn of the 20th century, the Lombard log hauler pulled trains of up to 24 log-laden sleds over the snow-covered winter landscape. 

A crew of four was required for each log train: a steersman at the front of the hauler, an engineer and a fireman in the cab, and a conductor riding on the sleds behind. The log hauler had a maximum speed of around 4.5 miles per hour and could travel around 8 miles with a full tank of water and a cord of wood. 

About the model
The LEGO model is packed with as many accurate details as possible to showcase this unique piece of history. These include the typical steam engine hardware (steam gauges, saddle water tank, boiler, firebox, pistons, flywheels, etc.) as well as many that are unique to the log hauler (steering skis, tracks, drive chains, roller chains, etc.). 

Moveable features include the treads (which spin the drive chains), the steering skis, the cab doors, the firebox door, the water hose, and the various parts of the log sled.

The sled pulled behind the hauler is also built to match a design patented by Alvin Lombard, featuring crossing connectors that help the sled follow along a curve. 

Piece count: 1238 total (940 log hauler, 298 sled).

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