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Ecological Container House



Today, it is increasingly important to build sustainable and environmentally friendly habitats. There are many solutions to build sustainable, but I have only been inspired by container houses because they are modern, ecological (recycling) and economical.

A modern house:

This design house is made up of three old port containers stacked and arranged to form a comfortable habitat. The first-floor container and its roof are both removable for convenient access to the interior.

First floor rooms:

  • A kitchen with an oven, a refrigerator...
  • Living room with sofa / armchair, coffee table, flat screen, sound system...
  • A dining room with a glass table and four chairs.
  • A garden with plants and palm trees, vegetable garden, dumpsters...

Second floor rooms:

  • One bedroom with a bed, bedside tables...
  • A corridor with a desk, computer...
  • A bathroom with a shower, toilet, storage...
  • Terrace with a sun lounger and parasol.

There is not much space in the house, so I maximized the layout of rooms and furniture. There are no stairs, because the arrangement of the places did not allow it.

An ecological house:

The house is designed to respect and be beneficial to the environment. Indeed, the house is completely autonomous in energy since it is equipped with four solar panels on the roof and three small wind turbines in the garden. The owner of the house also has a small electric car, which can be recharged on a terminal in the garden and which is itself powered by solar panels.

The house also favors flora, as plants can grow on roofs and on a fixture along the wall. There is also a small vegetable garden to grow these own organic vegetables!


The house consists of 1700 bricks; they are obviously all existing and unmodified. Only the colors will have to be re-adapted for some bricks. There are only two mini figures, since the house is too small to accommodate more inhabitants.

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