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Giant Mecha Robot

For my second Cuusoo project i have created a large Un-Named Mecha robot.

He is a highly articulated figure and sizes up at around 6 1/2 inches tall so basic action figure size. He mainly uses the color scheme of Dark Grey, Light Grey, White, Black and Transparent Red. He is hunched in stature to make him look more vicious like he wants to see his victims incinerate. He has three golden blades in the tips of his fingers to tear apart buildings and opposing Mecha. The other arm is a Giant cannon with a red beam inside to make it look like it is activated.

He has large stubby feet To help him stand up and stay up. His legs are a three jointed system that the T-Rex made famous.

His body is made to look like a plane or an Apache Helicopter.

Overall he is a well made and detailed figure good for display or play. If you wish to display he will need a large Lego plate to stand on to keep him secure on a shelf.

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