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Paladin Mech Protector


The paladin mech safeguards the realm with his mighty winged hammer!

Inspired by the upcoming 2017 nexo nights battle suits, comes a paladin mech wields an iron hammer with gold wing ornaments to smash any evil foe! the mech also comes in gold, red and white color scheme to show its royal purpose - to defend the kingdom!  The suit is extremely posable and is a robust build. the red cape is securely attached using jumper bricks. The only thing that will make this set better is if the black joints came in the color white to fully fit the color scheme. The back area is bare to keep the set cost down.

This set would be perfect addition for those who love to army build medieval sets!


  • Posable frame
  • Mighty winged hammer with jewel ornament

Set Includes:

  • 1 Paladin Knight Mech
  • 1 hammer


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