Product Idea

Wild West Prisoner Wagon Ambush


On it's way to the nearest jail the prisoner wagon has been waylaid by two bandits who want to free their companion. Defend the wagon and imprison the bandits!

This little western themed project features:

  • ​​A prisoner wagon with openable lattice compartment for the outlaw, two lanterns, a detailed coach box with imitated leaf spring suspension, working steering and a holder for a rifle.
  • Two horses
  • A small sand dune with barrels for hiding
  • 6 minifigures (sheriff with working lasso, deputy, prisoner, outlaw with bandana, outlaw with holder for knife and rifle on the back  and photographer)
  • 2 rifles, 6 handguns, a working lasso and two knifes

Who will win?

Will the bandits manage to free their buddy or will the prison get three new customers?
It's up to you!

I hope you like my project.
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