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LEGO Tetris® Puzzle Cube


Introducing the LEGO Tetris® Cube!

With 9839 solutions, can you find one?

Utilizing the unique ability of creating a perfect cube combined with the original colour scheme of the original Tetris® Cube results in a beautiful geometric puzzle.

LEGO enthusiasts will enjoy the building experience while any puzzle fan will enjoy the challenge of trying to solve one of the most difficult puzzle cubes around.

The pieces can be re-arranged to form a variety of geometric shapes and configurations furthering the play experience. The pieces can then be used to create a variety of different shapes to create different puzzle cubes.

The decision to not utilize the SNOT technique was deliberate for easy building.

Even though there are nearly 10,000 solutions, we dare you to find one!

Thank you for your support for this LEGO idea!


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