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LEGO Brick Oven Pizza

For years LEGO has made pizza an integral part of LEGO sets. We got pizza-themed sets, pizza-themed minifigures, and even printed pizza tiles for our minifigures to munch on. However, for those of us who have a larger-than-minifigure-sized appetite, what has been sorely missing from the world of LEGO is a human-scaled brick-built pizza. Well for those of you who always get hungry while building LEGO, wait no more, introducing the tastiest LEGO set yet, the LEGO Brick Oven Pizza.

Available Toppings

Everyone knows that it's easy to agree that a pizza should be ordered, but the difficult part is deciding what goes on it. If it was up to me, we'd be getting a barbecue chicken pizza with pineapple, but I realize not all of you would agree with me. Therefore, I provided eight different toppings for you to add to your pizza. For meats there is pepperoni, sausage, and chicken. Veggie options include mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, and olives. While the lone fruit is pineapple. However, the great thing with LEGO is you can build your pizza any way you want. So if your family still can't decide, build it half-and-half. Still arguing? Divide it up into quarters. And for the large family that can't agree on anything, you can be a short-order builder and make each of the eight slices unique.

The toppings come in labeled bins, allowing you to keep them organized while you are busy eating other toppings. Plus, you get 16 of each topping so that you can easily cover the whole pizza in your favorite should you want to.


Of course, we all know that pizza gets delivered, so the pizza has to come in an operable box. To accommodate opening and closing the box, the front flap of the box folds out. This feature also allows you to more easily get your fingers inside to take out a slice. And just like you would expect when you remove a slice, a little bit of cheese will still be stuck to the box where the corner of the slice was.

Want LEGO Pizza delivered to your door?

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