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Addams Family Underground Waterways


This creepy and cooky project was created with Lego Digital Designer (LDD) and has a measurement of 144 studs wide, 112 studs deep and a height of 12 or 46 bricks depending on whether or not the top is open. This set consists of 889 bricks, so it's not your small easy model, but most of that is the misty fog.


Everyone loves the Addams Family, it was the family that I used to wish to be a part of, so I started making the Addamses out of Lego. For all those that have seen the 1991 film version of The Addams Family this will be recognisable as the underground water system that Gomez and Fester Addams take to get to the family vaults.


As you can see from the photos the top of this set opens up to allow for playing access. This set has two figures, Fester and Gomez. So now you can act out scenes from the adventures of your favourite family. *click, click*

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