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The Elf-Witch Cottage


The Elf-Witch Cottage

In the depths of the enchanted woods, where reality and fantasy meet, an elf-witch has lived since forever. Nobody knows her name or her exact age, maybe 100, maybe 1000 years, but it doesn't matter, she's part of the woods she lives in now.

She's always busy with her magic potions and her studies… fascinated by nature's incredible colors and shapes, she keeps on living in her house, away from the rest of the world.

I've always been fascinated by nature, by its colors, and by the fantasy universe. In this project I tried to put it all together, using unusual parts and colors that I'd underestimated before. I'm very satisfied with the result and I think that many people might like it.

I tried to make mine a building style I've seen used by great builders on the Internet. It's a style that goes against every classic idea of LEGO building, with straight and clean lines. The result, I think, is very natural and creative, so why not make a set of it and legitimize this technique? It might seem fragile at first sight, but it's not.

I believe, but I'm not sure, I used about 2000 parts for this.

What else? If you like this project and want to give it a chance, you just have to vote for it, and, why not, talk about it with your friends or share on your blog, website, forum, Facebook or Twitter. Remember that every vote is needed to make it real and only You can do that.

If you liked this project, why not give a look to my other projects? I would like to know your feedback on them.

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