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The Walking Man


Hello everyone,

I have built for the first time a LEGO Kinect sculpture. It was a lot of work to build it, but it is finally finished. I have enjoyed the build much and think that you are gone love it to. There are many details as you can see like the face or the path where he is walking on.

First, I have built it digital and some parts with real bricks, after I finished I bought all the parts I needed. I think it looks great.

There are a few pieces that are not the colour I wanted but doesn’t exist yet:

-The dark grey piece above the leg, it is now grey, but I want it in dark blue

-The shoulder pieces are known dark tan, but I want it in gold

The model is very easy to control, as you can see in the video you can only turn it against the clock. You can watch the video how he is working in real live on YouTube if you look on: The walking man, LEGO ideas, or with the link: 


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