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PT Barnum's Circus

Roll Up, Roll Up. "Ladies and Gents this is moment you've been waiting for"

This Lego set is the PT Barnum Circus from the Hit Movie Music that took the world by storm. The Greatest Showman!

I Built this because:

1: I Love this movie and it's soundtrack

2: It's a very popular film that I Think kids will love.

3: I Can see this being on display on someone's table or shelf, it would look nice on a table.

This set comes with:

The Main Circus itself with the back open for accessible play

A Circus ring which you can turn around

Fire on the top just like the movie, which you can put out by twirling the side, they go down.

and 7 Characters:

PT. Barnum, Philip Carlyle, Anne Wheeler, Tomb Thumb, Lettie Lutz, Jenny Lind, and Charity Barnum.

I Can see this being very popular amongst kids and adult fans of the Movie.

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