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The Hobbit: Bilbo Baggin's House


Update 2.5

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Update 2.0

This Update has made the old version look to be not so Hobbity after I built it. It consists somewhere in the range of 800-1100 pieces. The new set includes minifigures unlike the last one include Bilbo Baggins, Thorin, and Gandalf with a minifigure display stand. The set now features a more hill like feature on the front, left, and right side of the house as suggested by @REDGALLANT1 . The set also features a more round door outsiding that I tryed to make more into the playset and made the door green suggested by @Basketcase04 . There is also a sidewalk coming out of the door with flowers surrounding it. The outside also features a bench and a tree with leaves floating down from the tree, and the top of the chiminy, and a window with a round casing.

Now for the interior. As you walk through the door there is a red and marroon tile floor that are two by two flat pieces. If you look forward you will see the food pantry that the dwarfs ramsacked in the movie and book that features delicious desserts, a barrell with fish, apples, and other various foods that also features a white and blue tiled floor. If you look to your left you will see where Bilbo Baggins writes his book on his desk and an ink canister with the chiminy to the left of it. To the right of that there is a table to eat on, a chest filled with gold and Bilbo's sword, and a bookshelf to the right. All of the stuff in the interior can be removed and switched around for your own versions of how you want it.

Unlike the first one this one does not feature the mailbox, flower pot, and stack of plates, but is still does feature the fence.

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