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Deluxe Scrabble Board

A fun, LEGO twist on a classic game!

Are you a fan of board games? Then this build is for you! This Deluxe Scrabble Board features all the elements of the original Scrabble game we all know and love, including the original scores associated with each letter, as well as the scoring tiles, such as Double Letter Score, Double Word Score, Triple Word Score, and Triple Letter Score.

The board stands approximately 4 bricks high, and features a drawer that can be opened from either end (top or bottom) of the board, where you can store the tiles, as well as the tile stands. You don't even need to take the tiles out to play! Simply flip them over (as shown in the photos) and you can enjoy a clutter free game!

My family has always been a fan of board games, and Scrabble has been one of the most popular over the years, which is why I'm so excited to bring it into LEGO form! I've had such a fun time building, and designing this set, and hope you like it!

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