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Game Theory: Live


This project is based on the GT Live, Game Theory Live, channel on which there are game play-throughs and a lot of humour. The project is based on the camera set up needed for live streams and the 'set' itself. The project has references to past streams and running 'jokes' throughout the videos online.

GT Live is a YouTube channel splintering off from the much loved 'The Game Theorists' channel, with over 6 million subscribers to 'The Game Theorists', I think the videos are very funny and that you should check out their channels, if you like video games and humour!

The set would have:

3 minifigures, with details shown in the line up, Jason (black t-shirt), Matpat (blue t-shirt) and Stephanie (red t-shirt).

1 cat figure, catpat to fans of GT Live, mostly white with some spots of grey.

A range of printed pieces, a soda can, and various screens and boards, see pictures for details.

(Basically everything in the pictures including the laptop at the side of some)

Thank you for viewing this project and make sure you go check out the Game Theory channel on YouTube, hopefully you like my project and will support, lets make it to 10,000!

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