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Old Cadillac Eldorado


The Cadillac Eldorado is one of the finest 50's luxury cars. It captures everything a vehicle from the decade has to offer, along with a very sleek look. I thought LEGO deserved this grand car as a set because of this. This particular project is inspired by different models of the Eldorado from the 50's.

Features include:

  • Opening doors and trunk
  • An interior complete with steering wheel, radio, and vinyl-covered seating
  • The 50's Cadillac logo on the front
  • Detailed grill on front, complete with license plate 

I believe this is a good display piece for LEGO collectors, Cadillac enthusiasts, or 50's enthusiasts. It contains 375 pieces and would probably retail for 40 U.S. dollars. The renderings were made using Bluerender.

I hope you all find this idea does the car justice. Happy building!

Disclaimer: This project is not affiliated with, or endorsed by, Cadillac, General Motors, or Bluerender.

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