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Monochrome Mix-up


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Monochrome Mix-up

Each of these monochrome minifigures are busy working on his/her own monochrome wall scene. All sorts of activity: painting, repairing, washing windows, replacing tiles, fixing railings and lots of animals helping too! This LEGO idea is submitted as a concept to get builders to Monochrome Mix-up their own creations! Each scene can be any size, with any number of the same color minifigures. The scenes can relate to one another, or be independent. And you can interconnect as many scenes as you like. Presented here are 25 scenes (remaining under the 3000 part count limit). I hope you enjoy finding all the detail in each scene, some clues are listed below for each one.

With 10,000 supporters and LEGO Ideas approval, the set could be produced and sold as a series of scene kits, each around 100 pieces, and be in the $10-$15 price range. The scene kits could be sold individually or as sets of 3 or 5 scenes. Of course builders can add from their own stock of bricks and minifigures and create their own Monochrome Mix-ups!

Dark Pink – on a clear day!

Medium Blue  - pretty blue parrot.

Dark Red - a rose by any other name.

Sand Blue - lending some help.

Tan - who-o-o is replacing the missing tile?

Reddish Brown – seals at the aquarium.

Dark Bluish Gray - industrial parrot.

Dark Brown - one more post to go!

Dark Blue - tool time repairs.

Red - rolling up or down?

Blue – hanging on!

Lime - a little turtle time.

Light Bluish Gray - “Which hole did that rat come from?”

Bright Pink - its dark in here!

Dark Gray - nothing to do.

Green - painting with a frog, it’s not easy being green!

Yellow - mirror, mirror on the wall.

Medium Lavender - ta da!

Orange - orange is the new black.

Chrome Gold & Black - treasure that gold!

Dark Azure - feeling blue.

Dark Purple - watch that next step!

Sand Green - the crew are getting it done.

Dark Tan - painting complete!

Black & White - “We must make up our mind: black or white?”

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