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Ten Years of Rebuilding Our Imagination With the Brick Separator

2022 marks the ten-year anniversary of the Human Tool as we know it today (with the tile-prying end and the axle separator). Where would we be without this must-have element in our LEGO tool kit? Some seriously sore fingers for sure but what's more there would be tens of thousands (probably millions) of LEGO builds just aching to be easily torn apart and transformed into something new.

Without our handy brick separator, our ability to rebuild our imagination would be ever so much more difficult.

Plus, we builders love our separators. Just look to the web and social media for thousands of examples of the brick separator used not only to tear things apart, but as featured elements in designs. I've seen it used as wings, as rooftops and even as tentacles!

I designed this LEGO Ideas submission to be a display that honors one of the most beloved and necessary LEGO elements of all time.

This 874 parts set features the brick separator, of course, in dark turquoise and nine stackable super-sized 1x2 plates that you can arrange to display your separator any way you like (four in orange, two in green, two in black, and one in gray). Orange and green were chosen as these are the colors of which (including dark turquoise) the tool is currently found. The base of the display is a super-sized 2x6 black plate.

The set also features a pearl gold separator! This might be the most exciting part. I don't know if pearl gold has the strength to actually work as a separator, but wouldn't you love to have one to display with your collection? I know I would!

I'm clearly not a graphic artist, but the set also features a 6x6 tile exclaiming that the separator has been helping us "rebuild our imagination" for ten years! Should I be fortunate enough for this idea to make it all the way, I'm sure LEGO's crack team of graphic designers would come up with something really special.

You may also notice the 6x6 tile that reads "LOGO." LEGO does not allow the use of their logo in submissions unless it's on an actual piece, so I put that in as a placeholder to help everyone visualize the Idea as I have imagined it.

Color Notes
I chose the dark turquoise color because it was much easier on the eyes than orange. Though the separator also comes in green (very rare) I didn't opt for that because it's not as ubiquitous as the orange or dark turquoise. If there's enough interest, I'll work it up in orange as well.

Actual Build
The only color (currently) able to build this with the parts as designed is black. I'm about 75% on getting all the parts to finish the build and will post it as an update as soon as it's done.

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