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It is a turn-based city-building board game.

Board contains roads and city blocks (4x4) where houses/skyscrapers are going to be built. 
You need bricks 2x2x2 with different colors, that will be used to build house floors and as payment. 
You need 2 figures that are used as move pieces. 
You need some lego pieces that will be used as a mark - who owns what house. They have to be a different color. For example: cones, round 1x, slope brick - it should be easy to remove if you need to add a floor.

The corner squares have specific colors. They show what color bricks you get paid. When you land on that, you get 4 bricks. When pass thought then get 2 bricks.
You can get bricks of a given color or green bricks (for building in the center block)

If you fall into a free square, you can put your own house there, but only the corresponding color. If you do not have a brick of this color, the house cannot be added. The house can be placed on both sides, except for the outer circle. If you land on a square where you already have a house, you can add floors. If you are on inner roads, then you can place 2 blocks per turn - on both sides of the road.
If you get to the square where someone's house is, you pay 1 block for each floor. But in the middle square, there is a fee of 2 blocks for each floor.
If all 4 squares in the block are owned by one player, then it is multiplied by 2. Then it will be 2 bricks for outer blockhouses and 4 blocks from center blockhouses. You must pay for houses that are on both sides.
If you don't have any bricks to pay to other players, then you need to take them from any of the houses you own. But only the amount needed to pay the debt.

Move rules
Roll the dice and move your button to that amount. Note: You can't roll again if you get 6, like in some games.
You have to go straight from the intersections during one move.
When the move ends at an intersection, then you must turn on the next move. For center roads you have two directions to go, left or right. You have to remember in what direction you came to do that correctly.

Bonus squares
These are squares that give special abilities or powers for some time.
Demolisher - You spin the spinner and the opponent's house that is in the direction of the spinner, is demolished and the blocks go to the bank. If there is no opponent's house, you can spin again. So you spin until the opponent house is demolished. That square will be free property.

Takeover - You can roll up to 10 times and at the end of each move you can decide to take the opponent's plot. The bricks go back to the opponent. And you can put your own house on the plot.

Builder's hammer - you get it for yourself, and at any time if you get on your own or an empty plot, you can build 4 floors at once. But if someone else gets over the builder's hammer block, then the hammer goes into his hand and the previous player loses the opportunity to build.

Transporter - Once there, a player can choose to travel anywhere for 3 bricks except to bonus squares.

To win:
Build a 10 story house.
Make other player go bankrupt.

The nice thing is that as this is a lego board game, then you can widen your imagination and make rules you and other players like. And use blocks and characters you like to build this game.

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