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Ice Planet: 2020


This project, in essence, is an homage to the wildly popular Space sub-theme of 2002. This proposal contains 6 main parts: 5 minifigures, 2 drones, an exploration rover and mech, an Ice Planet native, and the planet base, which features a rocket antenna, a drone docking station, 2 research hubs, and a data collection station. 

I designed this set with aesthetics and playability in mind, making it great for both play and display. Keeping in mind the color scheme and design choices of the original Ice Planet sub-theme, I made some additions of my own to bring in fans new and old. I felt that adding Planet natives to this project would make it seem more interesting and original, but I didn't look past what made Ice Planet sets so memorable in the first place: trans-neon orange chainsaws. Lots of trans-neon orange chainsaws. A mech that shoots out trans-neon orange chainsaws.

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