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Neo-Baroque Villa


For my first project, I decided to build a neo-baroque house belonging to my grandmother. After her death, it was sold and demolished. All it was left are pictures and memories. Therefore, I decided to rebuild it using Lego bricks to bring out the memories .

House was built in 1901 by local architect. Inside, before it came in possession of our family, were living owner of bigger tannery, mayor of city Maribor and owners of restaurant SLON (elephant) in Ljubljana. My ancestors/relatives lived there from early 1930’s until its final destiny.

In 100 years house didn’t had a lot of modifications. Only one side that was leaning to the garden gain balconies and terraces. The roof got roof windows. Two sides that are most rich with ornaments were looking to the streets. The tower was hexagonal dimensions with inner steps going from ground to first and second floor.

All around the house were fruity trees and a garden. A cherry tree with a boy climbing and picking cherries. I spent in treetop many hours.

Dog. It should be black looking like a Newfoundlander but it will do.

Home is where you feel warm, accepted. Not just a place you live in. This was also with this house. HOME.

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