Product Idea |


This is a fully functional hyperbike!

We wanted to make a futuristic looking bike packing all basic mechanical functions in a compact body: suspensions, steering, brakes and V2 engine. Bikes of the future should be safe, fast and beautiful, hence the low position of the rider, the wide stable tyres and the unique air brakes!

It would make a great Lego set for anyone who loves mechanics and sophistication. The blue and white body parts can also easily be changed into other colours without touching the frame, to create different looks.
Some further technical details for the curious ones...:
- The front arm is the most complex yet very elegant: steering is controlled by the double handlebar, while the front arm is suspended and features a disk brake. 
- The rear arm is suspended, carries a chain transmission, and features another disk brake.
- Retractable wings on both sides and smaller wings at the back serve as air brakes!
- The 3 red levers at the front control the 2 brakes and the air brake.

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