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Vespa meets FIAT 500 F!

A beautiful collaboration between two awesome LEGO Ideas!

Gabriele Zannotti and saabfan2013, the guys behind the amazing FIAT 500 F, had the cool idea and the masterful skills to combine their iconic Italian vehicle with my iconic Italian scooter in beautiful rendered scenery!


Make sure to give your support to this lovely FIAT 500 F to reach the goal of 10.000 supporters!


Retro style! New Video!

Thank you all for supporting my Vespa!

Here is a new video presentation


and some new photos of a retro style Vespa!


More Pictures, More Info!

First of all, thank you all for your generous support during the very first days!

...also I'm very sorry for some spelling errors I made in the description...I thought I would have the chance to edit my first post...

So, there are some more views of my Vespa model


Wheel assembly: placed inside a placed inside a placed inside a



Please feel free to comment, ask or suggest anything you want about my little creation and of course support it if you want to become an official set!

For more pics and more creations visit my Flickr page


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