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Crash Bandicoot

Welcome in this new universe : Crash Bandicoot.
If you were born before the 90's and you like to play to video games, you must know Crash Bandicoot.
You'll discover in this set, a lot of details that will make you go back to childhood.
Adults and children will enjoy building and activating all the mecanisms in this set, in order to make Crash advance in his universe.

Description :
-779 parts.
-a Crash Bandicoot minifigure.
-apples that Crash has to collect.
-the lid on the big brown box can open and you can put the apples inside.
-mecanisms make the platforms move like in the video game.
-many details inspired from the jungle world from Crash Bandicoot.

I built this set because I am a fan of Crash Bandicoot. This is a game that I discovered when I was a child and I have been liking it since then.
I think this could be a good LEGO set because the Crash Bandicoot universe with its colors  and the fun side of the game could perfectly belong in the LEGO universe which is also very colored and funny.
I am sure that this set can be enjoyed by a lot of people : the adults that played to the game when they were children and the children that will be attracted by the colors, the mecanisms that will allow them to play with the set and the funny minifigure.

Thank you for your support !

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