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Christmas Snow Globe With Actual Water

Christmas is early this year!

Yes you read that right, with actual water.
Fill the globe and shake the snow all over Santa and his presents, having Christmas Fun.

The Globe exists out of a Dome, a Bottom, and a Cap.
It works like this: You build part of the base and put in the cap. Now build Santa, the Christmas Tree, and everything in between. Put the snow 'n stars in the Dome, turn Santa upside down and twist the bottom onto the Big Dome. Now pour water into the hole under the snow till there's no space left and twist the base on top of that. Flip it back up and finish the base so the Globe won't come loose when you shake it around.

The loose snow is partly made out of Chrome pieces, gives it a nice glitter effect. Inside the bulb sits Santa with his still wrapped toys, a small house with frost dripping from the roof, a beautiful christmas tree, and a tiny snowman warming his feet in front of the christmas fire.

It would be a great Christmas gift, would love it together with some chocolate.

Happy holidays!

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