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Anime Mech

Though I am a bit too young to remember the original transformers cartoon, I do remember waking up every morning to the beautiful sight of Transformers Armada. This was probably the most defining show of my childhood, and perhaps the reason why I have such a massive passion for anime mecha. 

Anime mecha have gone to be more than an interest, as they also provide the majority of the inspiration for my designs as an automotive designer. This set therefore pays homage to anime mecha, as well as standing as a very impressive stand alone model.

The way that I designed it is intended to make it have a bit of a LEGO Creator feel about it, so it could potentially be a branch of the Creator theme as well as LEGO Ideas.

The set contains 1386 pieces, and stands over 50cm tall. I have also added images of an alternative white and gold colour scheme, which some might prefer.

I hope you like the model, and as always thanks in advance for the support and feedback. 



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