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iPhone: Built to Excel.

Surprisingly, there are hardly any LEGO iPhone MOC (my own creation) designs. So, I set out to build a scale replica of the iPhone 4S with my own LEGO collection. After several different model variations, I came up with this one that satisfied my vision. With the release of the iPhone 5 so close, I decided to share my design here and see if it, or a similar one, could become an actual LEGO set. The model is almost the exact size as the real iPhone and incorporates the home screen, home button, volume buttons, front-facing camera, speaker, dock connector-like area, and headphone jack.

The model is built entirely out of pre-existing LEGO pieces, with nothing modified. The only exception would be the square design on the home button which was added in digitally. This could be omitted, a brick could be printed, or a sticker could come up with the set. Further ideas for this set could be possible marketing with the "Life of George" iPhone game. Estimated number of pieces used to build: 100-160.

View additional photos by clicking here! (Flickr)

Want an official iPhone set like this? Now is your chance! Want to help promote the project? Share this page and the promotional video with your friends, family, coworkers, and fellow iPhone enthusiasts to get this project to the 10,000 supporters it needs.

With the included stand, displaying the iPhone is simple. Not interested? No problem! Simply detach the stand and it's good to go.

The home screen can be easily organized and customized with removable app icons. The set would come with a variety of "app" pieces for just this purpose.

About me: I'm a college student who loves to make stop-motion animations with LEGOs. I started posting my animations online under the name "a repelling spider" and soon began to get an audience. Through this, I've rediscovered the enjoyment I found playing with LEGOs as a kid. This iPhone MOC is really one of the first things I have built for pleasure aside from the sets I use in my animations. I was really pleased with how it turned out and thought I should share it here.

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