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The Impossibles


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The Impossibles
COIL MAN, he makes the scene when things looks mean, Impossibles!
FLUID MAN, he stays on the spot, the spot that's hot, Impossibles!
MULTI MAN, he makes a crowd, no crooks aloud, Impossibles!

The Impossibles was a series of American animated cartoons produced by Hanna-Barbera in 1966 broadcast by CBS.  

I've always been a fan of these 3 superheros, young rock 'n roll musicians in the normal life but actually crime fighters, with super powers, dedicated to battling evil super-villains of all shapes and sizes! When performing for their adoring fans (usually star-struck, screaming teenyboppers), the guys would play their modified, futuristic-looking guitars on their equally futuristic bandstand (emblazoned with their "Impossibles" logo on the side) that could convert into a jet (the "Impossi-Jet").

Still remember myself kid, jumping all around the living room like Coilman,or dive into the sofa like Fluidman, ah what a fantastic time! It would be great to come back playing with them using a LEGO set!

I hope you remember them as well and you would like to support this idea.
The set includes:
  • the Impossi-Jet
  • the bandstand
  • 3 rock 'n roll musicians minifigures with guitars
  • Fluidman (2 versions)
  • Coilman (2 versions)
  • Multiman (as much as u can count ...)

Thank you for your support!

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