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WeCan - 6 times expansion of WeDo -

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This interface has 12 ports for both input and output, with using USB ports, without battery.
We can make programs with 12 motors and sensors!
No need battery, No problem with lack of interface ports any more.

See the variation, 他のタイプはこちら

PF XS-motor:

Do you know the educationla LEGO kit, WeDo?

This kits is programable with 2 sensors or motors in all.

電池が不要なので,モーターを使って簡単なロボットや,ギミックを組み立てることができるのですが,ポートが二つしかないので必然的にモーターとセンサーを 一つずつしか使うことができません.
And this kits doesn't need any battery so that you can make easy robots or gimmick, but 2 ports is far from sufficient.

My suggestion is USB interface with 12 ports - so that you can make a dynamic dinosaur, a synthesizer, and a gimmick house to your heart's content.

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