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LEGO Doctor Who: Supreme Dalek.

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Over the past fifty and some years, The Doctor has faced a variety of enemies, But, perhaps, the most famous enemy is the Daleks. These mutants in a machine have been a formidable threat to the Doctor.

This 198 piece Lego set includes wheels that allow it to travel. The set is the Supreme Dalek, the highest in rank among the current Daleks.

However, we need your help to turn this dream into a reality ! If you think this Dalek set should be released a Lego set, we encourage you to vote for it! Along with voting, I also encourage you all to spread the word! There hasn't been an official Lego Doctor Who set yet, so I think it's time we change that.


I will be giving 10 percent of my one percent total net set sales I earn, if the project is made into an official Lego set, to Children In Need.

Doctor Who and all related material are owned by the BBC.

Front view of the Lego Dalek set.

Back of the Lego Dalek set.

The right side of the Lego Dalek.

The left side of the Lego Dalek set.

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