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Geometry Dash Kinetic Sculpture


Quick Information

  • This is a model of the game "geometry dash" played on mobile devices and on a computer using steam
  • The project contains three (3) icons of your player you can customize (not to say you can't make more icons using your own pieces)
  • It is a kinetic sculpture, which means it can move when you crank the handle


  • It is kinetic (which means it can move) unlike the only other geometry dash project I have seen on this website
  • The project can be customized to your advantage, you can add a background, or whatever you enjoy
  • The icons as I said before, can also be to your specifications, unlike the other one out ther


  • I could not figure out how to get a background on the project, nor the ground
  • It is fairly large, the icons are two (2) studs higher than the average minifigure
  • It is not playable, rather for decoration than play


Although it is fairly large, and a little awkward to build, it is a really nice project (at least in my opinion). If we can get this project to the next level, it would mean the world to me! Also, I don't have a YouTube channel, so if you have one and don't mind making a video about this, that would be awesome! Just spread the word if possible!

Much love, jamboree2017



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