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Hi every one,

You don't imagine how it's hard to make some rounds with squares.

I decided to finalize my third project, which is the most complicated one with Lego Digital Designer cause I haven't got enough real bricks to build it.

For instance I made a draft with my bricks just to check if it really works, and it works.

The smallest doll goes into the second, the second goes into the third, and the whole goes into the biggest and last one.

When I was young, I loved two games : Lego and my wooden matriochka.

Now I am a father, one of my son loves Lego and matriochka too. That's where I took my inspiration for this model.

All around the world, we know matriochka as russian dolls. In France we call it poupées russes. And I still love this toy which can also be a design part in some home.

This model must be improved, by using specifics printed parts, with flowers for the bodies and smily faces for the two biggest dolls.

I hope you will like and support my model, to make my dream come true.

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