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McDonald's with Playland (Minifigure Scale)


Founded by Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1940 with franchising started by Ray Kroc in 1953, the McDonald's restaurant chain now serves over 69 million customers in over 100 countries every day. Now a new location has opened in the world of LEGO and - just like the real life locations - it is definitely a busy place. This incredibly detailed LEGO McDonald's set is sure to bring lots of imaginative playtime to LEGO fans as they help their minifigures enjoy the Golden Arches.

The features of this set include:

- 2,154 pieces

- Fits on a 20 inch x 20 inch square (or 4 standard sized 32 stud x 32 stud base plates)

- 31 minifigures (4 employees, 22 adult customers, 5 children)

- 3 cash registers on the main counter

- 2 paths for minifigures to go into the kitchen (which is not included in the set)

- 8 menu screens (Screens are white. Signs are yellow.)

- 1 drive through window with cash register

- 1 drink dispenser with 8 drink choices

- 1 counter for napkins and condiments (next to exit)

- 4 trash cans (2 sets of 2 cans)

- 1 plant

- 7 interior signs

- 5 exterior signs

- 2 entrances / exits to the restaurant

- 1 mini-freezer for ice cream

- 2 bathrooms each with toilet, sink, mirror, paper towel dispenser, and trash can. The bathroom in the Playland also includes a baby changing table and a plunger.

- Various food items, drink items, and trays

- 2 TVs (above the trash cans)

- 12 tables (8 in the main area, 4 in the Playland)

- 4 seats at the bar

- Total seating for 32 minifigures

- Playland which includes: shoe cubby with bench, protective padding, climbing area, stairs, two swinging bars, slide, airplane cockpit, car steering wheel and windshield, and secret cave with activity screen.


As you build and play with this detailed set, notice all of the things that are going on here at McDonald's. The pictures showcase what is happening right now.

1) Whole set

2) Man walking in

3) People ordering food

4) Man getting a drink

5) Men at table watching TV

6) Man working on laptop

7) Family having lunch together

8) Twins having lunch

9) Woman throwing out trash

10) Man waiting for woman at trash can to return to the table

11) Employee cleaning up a spill

12) Woman in bathroom

13) Kid taking off shoes

14) Kids playing

15) Man finding diaper bag

16) Employee handing ice cream through drive through window.

This LEGO McDonald's set will definitely stir your appetite for hours of creative play - and maybe even a trip to your local McDoanld's.

I'm lovin' it.

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