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Father Chrisymas's Gifts


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The Pevensies are running away from who they think is the White Witch.Have the children hide inside the hill to get away from the sleigh. What's this it's not the White Witch,it's Father Christmas.Have Father Christmas get the gifts out of his sleigh.

Have Father Christmas give the children their gifts.To Peter give a sword and sheild.To Lucy give a dagger and a cordial full of the Juice of the Fire Flower,"one drop can cure any sickness".It also includes Susan's Bow and horn.

The other portion of this set includes the frozen river and waterfall.Oh no a wolf is trying to attack Peter and Lucy!Have Peter use his sword to keep the wolf away.Peter stab the ice to get away from the wolf.Have Peter and Lucy get on the iceburg to get away.


  • Peter in his coat
  • Lucy in her coat
  • and Father Christmas

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