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Steampunk Beetle


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Feel like a famous inventor and scientist in the incredible Steampunk universe! Build a living beetle from wood and gears. But don't let it get away - you won't catch it if it flies off!

Building and development
In addition to fantasy and Middle Ages, I am also a big fan of steampunk.
The first version of this beetle was made a few years ago and got positive feedback. However, I constructed it from scratch, so it didn't have any features except unique design. On reflection, I decided that it would make a worthy project for IDEAS, but needed to be refined. I removed any "illegal" connections, improved the forewing (Elytra) connection points, changed the design of the legs, and above all, added movable wings. For verification of the structure I built it in LDD.

  • * Opening Elytra
  • * Wings move when you press the lever
  • * Detachable wings
  • * Flexible joints on the legs
  • * Display stand and tool kit to look after the mechanism

Part count
  • General 447
  • Beetle 383
  • Supporting tools 64

Only you can make this project become a real LEGO set!
Please support and tell your friends!

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